The most beautiful swimming pool in Mauritius | Lagoon Pool

The most beautiful swimming pool in a lagoon pool

Today, I present to you the Choicy les bains residence which is a magical residence in Mauritius and which trusted us for the creation of their lagoon swimming pool.

We have created a unique 2,500 m² lagoon pool, the largest in the Indian Ocean where you can bask in the sun and relax without moderation! A very beautiful swimming pool with a space for children who do not know how to swim and corridors with a depth of 1m60 max for swimmers. This lagoon pool is a must-see in the residence located in the heart of the estate. A beautiful swimming pool and deckchairs in the heart of the residence allow families to enjoy the sun while watching their children swim in safety. There is plenty of space for you to be in your quiet corner around this 2500 m² pool.

With a concept of lagoon pool…

Excavation work on the pool was completed in full in the first quarter of 2015. The contract was signed with an Italian supplier. It is an eco-friendly pool without reinforced concrete, with waterproofing recommended by Green Peace, lighter soil…This concept rejects any use of polluting substances for the environment. With a smaller volume of water than a traditional pool, filtration will be reduced. Thanks to their gentle slopes, the riprap and the differentiation of spaces, lagoon pools are deeply rooted in the world of relaxation and well-being.

A lagoon swimming pool in your home is no longer a dream...

Do you dream of exoticism, translucent lagoons and idyllic beaches? We can make it happen. We’ll make your dream come true.  A personal lagoon pool at home is now possible. The lagoon pool is the wild preserved beauty, in its natural form, in the heart of your property. Lagoon pools take you far, far away! No more need to go on holiday somewhere, you’re already there!